Qualified Content Partners

SnicSnac is creating unique augmented reality experiences around the globe.

Using our Geo+ function, Qualified Content Partners such as brands, museums, educators, media companies, event planners, tour guides can create astonishing educational augmented reality resources to be discovered in the real world via smartphone or glasses.

These experiences are geo-anchored, featuring digital AR content which is accessed only in specific locations. Users must approach a certain physical space in order to experience exclusive content.

SnicSnac is also creating exciting experiences beyond reality in Trondheim, Norway. In collaboration with Telenor Group ASA and the municipality of Trondheim, this project follows a hologram of “King Olav the Holy” as he presents different sites around the Nidaros Cathedral.

Check out this partnership with the Darwin International Film Festival.

We created site-specific experiences along the Darwin Waterfront in Northern Territory, Australia.

Qualified Content Partners can publish original content directly to our app.

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