About SnicSnac

SnicSnac was launched in 2021 by PictoryTale as a way to experience, create, and publish augmented reality content using a smartphone or smart glasses. Our users unleash creativity and explore the cutting edge of storytelling through augmented reality.

Imagine a movie set that fits in your pocket! Use the Camera+ feature to make movies in a new reality anytime, anywhere. Moviepacks consist of virtual props and set pieces organized by aesthetic. Build a virtual set in a real-world location and test your director skills. Rearrange with just a tap. Record in-app and post to our feed.

SnicSnac’s Geo+ discovery tool offers location-specific augmented reality experiences. Here, Qualified Content Partners can create and publish their own content (such as videos, alpha channel videos, 3D objects or animations) and tag such content at GPS coordinates for users to experience location-based AR.

SnicSnac is a one-stop-shop AR platform encouraging users to unleash creativity and create the tales of the future.


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