Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience of the real world enhanced by digital elements. Multiple sensory details can be enhanced by computers, with the overall product being a mixture of real world environments and 3D digital elements.

It’s easy to begin playing with AR in SnicSnac! Download the app to your AR-kit compatible mobile device.

Next, explore the marketplace and select your favorites to download. Use Camera+ to begin storytelling! Unleash your creativity as you place the digital objects in the real world. 

If you are having trouble downloading or using the app, your phone may not support AR Core Kit. Check to see if your phone supports AR Core Kit here

SnicSnac functions best with access to high speed data or WiFi. Make sure you are connected! 

Almost all of the AR content available in SnicSnac has been handmade just for this app! We think we’ve got some pretty cool stuff you won’t find anywhere else. We are inspired by iconic movies and TV shows as well as fantastical and historical worlds.

We are open to this possibility - please contact support@pictorytale.com.

Check out our Content Partners page for more info on how we can get started building some unique location-specific augmented reality content. We are especially interested in partnerships with artists or within the music industry or other creative industries.