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I feel that I am experiencing the future of filmmaking with this app! I am able to build 3d scenes using the unique objects provided and then “direct” my friends as we make a movie in the park.


Geo+ can be a great way to discover a new city. I can walk around looking for objects and discover things along the way. This was my first experience with augmented reality and I think it will be a great tool for educational experiences like tours.


Quite unbelievable, but in Augmented Reality storytelling and gamification seem to be merging, making our era exceptional for creative minds and talented people. Right now, in front of our eyes, a brand new format is being born. Surely brand new Hitchcocks, Spielbergs, and Tarantinos will emerge.


Fun to experiment with storytelling in a modern way. SnicSnac reminds me of childhood and constantly making creative mini movies.


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